The story


Ancient History

James Douglas, Principal, OAA is a Graduate of Carleton University School of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture with Distinction. Some time ago when Nirvana was on the radio.

The Past

Jamie began JDA in 2019 following a successful 20+ year career as a manager with one of Canada's largest architecture firms. 

Past Details

Professional experience led to being project manager of many large and small projects, ranging from carports to condos, clinics to crematoria.  A significant portion of time was spent as manager of the custom homes and complex projects studio, before diversifying into an array of project types.


Current projects include custom homes, approvals for new multi-unit residential projects, restaurants, hospitals, arenas, hospitality, seniors, worship,  accessibility, and feasibility studies.  And making  models.


We strive to continue to provide excellent service to our (often repeat) clients, continue to embrace technology while respecting traditions, and enjoy the journey that realizing an architectural design can be.


In 2008 our incredible daughter was born with a condition that sees her use a wheelchair. We experience daily what a life with barriers can be.  For an architect, it makes one pay much closer attention to the details.  We are encouraged to see the Ontario Building Code making improvements with respect to accessibility.  I would like to see this extended to planning.

Accessibility can affect our children, us and our elders alike.  We should plan for it.

If you are considering an accessibility related conversion or new build, we'd love to share insights.